Rocknrolla with Dmitry Samokhin leads after 3 races in Balatonfüred

  • May 29, 2018

Tuesday morning it was early getting-up for the field of the Dragon Europeans. The warning signal was planned for 09.00 am, and PRO Bojan Gale said at the morning briefing that he hopes for some wind, enough for maybe one or two races and he sent everyone out onto the waters of Lake Balaton.

In the end the wind was with organizers: three races could be held, which means the Europeans is going as scheduled. After the first three races the Russian team with Dmitry Samokhin at the helm is leading with a margin of 5 points to Jens Rathsack (MON 2) and 9 points to Ivan Bradbury (GBR 375).

The first start was clear and the field could sail in a light 5-7 knots wind from the North-East. The first beat was set on 1.8 miles and the following legs were some shorter, so in the end the Dragons sailed a race of one hour and 45 minutes. Jörgen Schönherr from Denmark made a start to finish victory with his African Queen and his team consisting of Theis Palm and Christian Videbaek. Jens Rathsack, sailing for Monaco with his Portuguese crew Tiago Marcelino and Diogo Pereira, came as second, and the third place went to Ivan Bradbury from GBR who is sailing with Lars Hendriksen and George Leonchuk.

The second race could be started right after the boats returned to the starting line. The wind increased a bit and the first start attempt proved to be successful. Those who went right on the 1.8 miles long first beat were right – a windshift brought them into the top positions. The wind went on to shift gradually on the right but the Race Committee managed to change the course on time, so it remained a fair race. Rocknrolla (RUS 76), the winner of the Hungarian Championship, with Dmitry Samokhin, Alexey Bushuev and Andrey Kirilyuk crossed the line first. The Corinthian Swedish team of Carl Gustaf Löhr (Jesper Bendix, Mads Hansen) finished second, ant Ivan Bradbury third.

In order to get back to schedule PRO Bojan Gale decided to start a third race. The wind increased to 10 to 14 knots and shifted to East. The conditions were beautiful: sunshine, nice waves and some wind when the Dragons are beginning to sail lively… The first beat was set  on 2.0 miles.

The wind was shifting and the boats were too eager to start at the committee boat – it ended up as usual with  a general recall. After changing the line a second attempt was made – without success. So Bojan Gale let the black flag rule – and for the third attempt the start went smoothly.

The third race has some tricky windshifts but Rocknrolla managed to sail perfectly again and won the race. Anatoly Loginov aboard Annapurna with his crew Alexander Shalagin and Vadim Statsenko came as second into the finish, and Carl Gustaf Löhrs Swedish team was third.

After three races Dmitry Samokhin leads, followed by Jens Rahtsack and Ivan Bradbury. The best Corinthian is SWE389, followed by the German team of Philipp Ocker.

After getting ashore the wines and champagne of Kreinbacher from the hill of Somló were offered to the exhauste sailors. At the daily prize giving Pedro Andrade offered a special prize: a V6 Petticrows chartered to a crew for free at one regatta in Algarve in Portugal. The winner was drawn – and it went to the team of Vassily Senatorov.

Tomorrow the firs warning signal is scheduled for 09.00 am again, to use the morning wind.

Results here.

Photos of the day.

A film summarizing the day can be watched here.