Hungarian Championship – a warm-up event worth to go

  • January 18, 2018

Before the main event, the organizers of the 2018 Dragon Europeans in Balatonfüred want to give the possibility to the sailors to learn the conditions and the venue during real races. Therefore, we suggest that you come to the Hungarian Championship which will be held directly before the Europeans – same place, same Race Committee.

As a further advantage, you can avoid the hassle with the pre-regatta measurement, if you come some days earlier. Boats that have been measured by our Chief Measurer Günter Ahlers for the Hungarian Championship do not need go through the same process again – they are only obliged to display the sails that were not on their 8-sail-list before.

We suggest an an arrival on Tuesday, May 22nd. Registration and no-hassle technical inspection are possible in the afternoon and Wednesday morning, before the start of the first race, secheduled for Wednesday 14.00 hrs.

We plan a bit shorter courses for the Hungarian Championship (with downwind finishes) that could allow daily three 60-minute races. All-in-all ten races are planned, and the winner may obtain the prestigious Sonnenschein Cup, founded by our Hungarian friend living in Berlin, Mr Sandor Kecskes who named this prize after an old wooden Dragon of his.

As the newcomers will arrive  and start with measurement and paperwork, the early birds may enjoy a Hungarian evening and dinner on Friday and the last races on Saturday morning. Worth to think about it, isn’t it?

And one more advantage: those who come to the Europeans may start at the Hungarian Championship for an entry fee of only Euro 250!

Registration for the Hungarian Championship here.