How to get there?

  • November 29, 2017

Never been to Hungary? Seems to be an exotic place, far-far beyond? It is closer than you think. Here some advice how to get there.

From the South the easiest way is to drive through North-Italy and Slovenia. Distance to Cannes is about 1,300 km. Motorway to Balaton (M7), except for the last 40 km.

From the West you should come through Germany and Austria. The distance to Munich is 650 km. Motorway except for the last 90 km.

From the North through Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Distance to Berlin: 900 km.

Hungary is in the Schengen zone – no border problems for EU citizens.

Those who want to fly should fly to Budapest Airport – about 140 km to Balatonfüred.